From our top-rated preschools to our innovative elementary and high school technology initiatives and career programs, the future is filled with tremendous promise. Enroll now and discover how Dayton Public Schools provides the teachers and educational resources that help every child thrive.

Every DPS preschool received Ohio’s top award for the highest level of quality
100% Online Anytime: complete your online curriculum with academic support
Enroll in satellite courses designed to give students a head start on college or career
Special office dedicated to improving performance and graduation rates of African-American and other minority males
Our award-winning collaborative hands-on experience developing math and science skills
Chromebooks are provided for each student in grades 1-12, and other devices provided in Kindergarten
Allows students to earn college credits while still in high school at no cost to their parents
Committed to providing student-athletes with a healthy athletic experience designed to enhance their overall development
Dayton Public Schools offers students a tremendously diverse learning experience, preparing students for globalized careers
The arts are alive! Each of our schools offer band and choir opportunities in grades 7-12
A brand new fleet of DPS buses transport our students safely
Each school is staffed with at least one School Resource Officer
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Those who are interested in enrolling their child in a DPS preschool program can call the Student Enrollment Center at (937) 542-5555. Priority placements are given to four-year-old students. If spots remain, three-year-old students are accepted.

Registration for the Montessori preschool program is done directly through River’s Edge Montessori.

Our DPS Student Enrollment Center is a one-stop shop for registering students, preschool through 12th grade. Be sure to check out our online registration form, which lets you take care of a lot of paperwork ahead of time. Have questions about other processes, such as transfers or transportation? Look at our online Registration Hub.

There are several different programs available for preschool enrollment, and additional testing and paperwork requirements. Please see this site for more information.

Our Student Enrollment Center is open Monday through Friday, from 8:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m., on the second floor of the DPS Administration Building, 115 Ludlow St. Free parking is available in the lot behind the building.

To help make your enrollment process go smoother, we ask you review the list of required documents and bring the necessary items when you complete your student’s registration in person.

Only a parent or legal guardian may register a student. A legal guardian must present proper documentation (custody given by court that is court-stamped and signed by magistrate or judge, or custody given by accredited agency). The state of Ohio does not recognize a notarized statement for custody.

In order to enroll a student who is entering the district for the first time or returning to DPS, we require the following documents:

  • Child’s birth certificate
  • Child’s shot records
  • Proof of address that includes the parent’s complete name and address and is dated within 60 days (utility bill, lease agreement, mortgage statement, paycheck stub, court order, bank statement, etc.)
  • Parent’s valid photo I.D. that includes his/her signature
  • Proof of grade level (report card, progress report, transcript, withdrawal form)
  • Custody documentation (if applicable)
  • Child care provider’s name, address and phone number (grades K-8 only)

To find the schools available in your attendance area….

1. Click here to see our interactive map.

2. In the box in the upper right-hand corner, type in your full address and zip code. Click the magnifying glass icon or hit “enter”.

3. This will show you the attendance area in which your address is located. To learn which schools are available in your attendance area, click anywhere within the appropriate attendance area.

1:1 is shorthand for one-to-one. This means that one Chromebook will be provided for every student to use while they are at school.

As part of the district’s 1:1 Initiative, all students and content area teachers (including self-contained teachers) grades 1-12 will receive a Chromebook for the upcoming school year. Similar devices will be available for kindergarten students.

The Athletic Department is committed to providing each student-athlete with a healthy athletic experience designed to enhance their overall development as they strive to become life-long winners. All students who meet eligibility standards are encouraged to join our sports programs and other extracurricular activities.

We believe there are a number of reasons for both students and their parents to choose Dayton Public Schools over local charter schools.

  • Transparency in financials – Parents can rest assured knowing that the school’s finances are monitored closely and completely transparent. Of course, your child’s DPS education is free, but we are held strictly accountable for how we appropriate school funds.
  • Teachers – We believe our caring teachers and staff members are true difference-makers in the lives of our students.
  • The DPS Diploma – Students will receive an actual Dayton Public Schools high school diploma upon completion.
  • We offer new and challenging curriculum programs for students of all ages

At Dayton Public Schools, we understand that some students thrive in a structured classroom environment while some prefer working more independently. But we believe all students are given a better chance to succeed when offered the option of enjoying the benefits of a traditional high school education.

  • Athletics – DPS Students can be part of a rich tradition of athletic excellence and participate in a number of sports and extracurricular clubs and activities.
  • Diversity – We’re proud of our diverse and dynamic enrollment population, giving students exposure to a wide variety of cultures.
  • Course Selection – Dayton Public Schools students can choose from a wide variety of courses and pathways, including our new Career Technology Education program that prepares students for career and college while still in high school. 
  • The DPS Diploma – Students will receive an actual Dayton Public Schools high school diploma upon completion.

If your student is interested in online learning, we urge you to learn about our Dayton Digital Academy, a 100% “online anytime” program that lets your student complete his or her high school education at home while enjoying the many benefits of Dayton Public Schools.

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